Easy Maintenance of Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-17-2010 in Articles

Proper maintenance of your above ground swimming pool is very important and here are a few tips to help you in this regard. The first and foremost aspect of keeping your pool in perfect condition is to check for the chlorine level of the same on a daily basis. Algae will grow if the amount of chlorine in the pool falls below a certain percentage. Do not forget that algae is difficult to clean because of its slimy nature, hence you should take preventive action to ensure that they do not form. Search the net and you will find chlorine canisters available on online stores, especially those who stock pool supplies.

In fact, you should first try out the store from where you purchased your above ground swimming pool. Using these canisters is quite easy once you know the amount of water, in gallons, your pool holds. Punch a hole in the vent atop the canister, and then punch another hole in the side where `amount in gallons' is printed. The hole should be punched next to the figure which is nearest to the amount of water your pool holds. Once this has been done, drop the canister in the water. It should last for approximately one month and when the chlorine runs out, the canister will float on its side.

When this happens, just take it out from the water and put a fresh one in. You should always cover the pool when not in use. The best option is opting in for a solar cover since they serve a dual purpose. Not only do they prevent dirt and dead leaves from falling into the water, they also heat the water during the winter season. You will also need to vacuum clean the bottom of your pool using a special attachment that connects to your garden hose. The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of debris that collects into the pool.

If you live in a zone that experiences snow during winter, then you need to purchase a special cover. You should remove the solar cover prior to using this one. Wash the solar cover properly using your garden hose and then let it dry, then fold it and store away in a safe place. Following these simple instructions will increase the longevity of your above ground swimming pool and also ensure that you enjoy swimming in it.

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