Easy Method of Cleaning Green Pools

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2011 in Articles

No matter how hard you try to maintain your swimming pool to preserve its beauty and comfort, you will eventually find out that it turns into a swamp looking pool. There are many reasons why clear and clean pools turn into green-watered pools. Some of the most common things and events that affects the condition of your pool are the winter season, storm brought dirt and debris, and improper use of pool cover or holes in your pool cover.

Cleaning your pool though can be done easily just by following this simple method on how to bring back that inviting pool water where anyone would love to dive in on. Read the simple instruction on how to successfully revitalize your pool water:

First of all, you need to have a good pool shocking solution to get rid of the green color of your pool water before you get rid of the dirt and debris inside your swimming pool. You can buy these at your local pool stores or at the mall in case you don't have one. The type of pool shocking product depends whether you have a DE Filter, Sand Filter or Cartridge Filter. Shock your swimming pool by slowly pouring your pool shocking solution into the water of your pool. Be sure that you don't cheap out on these products to get the fastest and best result. Let your shock pool product stay for the night and resume your cleaning in the morning or when you think cleaning can be easy for you.

Clean your filtration system if required for it to work properly and at its best. Let it run for more than 24 hours for the solution to mix properly with the water in your pool. Turn it off as soon as you will begin clearing out the dirt and debris out of the swimming pool.

By this time the water is now much clearer than it used to be and you will be able to see the bottom of your pool filled with dirt and debris. You can now use either your leaf net or a pool vacuum cleaner. A leaf net is a pool cleaner's best friend and a knowledgeable cleaner should have this at all time as this is the handiest of all his equipment when clearing out debris. However, if you want a faster job you can go with using a pool vacuum cleaner instead. Check the vacuum hose and make sure that it is sealed properly from both ends as leaks tend to suck air which will lessen its cleaning prowess.

Check the pool water and make any adjustment by this time. Test for the pH level of the water for a more comfortable swimming.

Now is the time to cover your pool to avoid children from getting into it as the chemicals are still in huge amount at this time. Covering it will also lessen the chance of getting messy and green again. Regular maintenance is still required and should be done to avoid going back to the same situation.

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