Easy Set Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 11-17-2010 in Articles

You may want to have some splash of water in your backyard for summer vacations, and you can try easy set swimming pool to have one. They are above ground pools that are fast and easy to set up and are ideal for kids and toddlers who want summertime fun. It is good for the entire family and is available in various diameters and depths.

These pools are easy set up because it comes with paper and videotape instructions for the feeble-minded. You can study its construction and many of its various sizes. It is available in 10 to 24 foot diameters, has a ladder, a filter and additional ground tarp and an inflatable top ring unlike metal rings which decreases store space and can puncture the tarp if improperly constructed. For those of who want a preview to its easy set up here it is.

You had to inflate the top ring with air so the pool can have shape, straighten the bottom lining and fill with water. The sides will rise automatically due to the water pressure, it rises like magic. But be sure to lay out the ground tarp first, and the pool must be in level ground or it may make the pool lopsided. Buy chlorine to clean the water, although it stayed cleaner than other pools, it still requires constant maintenance.

These pools especially the Intex brand are expensive and can cost more than a thousand dollars just for ankle-deep water level. The cost does not include yet the cleaning products and chemicals to adjust the alkalinity of the pool plus the pumps. So adding these probable costs can make the rubber pool really expensive. And I bet that that pool will not last for a year and buy a set yearly as a result. If you save at least two thousand dollars yearly you can have a down payment for the construction of a real best swimming pool.

If you really want to have a splash during summer months but not to splurge money, you can try to hit the beach instead. It is better for the whole family as it is cheaper thus more affordable. It is also more enjoyable to the kids because they will interact with nature, and it is more natural because of the crowd and there are hot dogs and barbecues. Its vacation anyway so it's generally not a hassle.

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