Easy Ways to Install Pool Vacuum

by Pool Builders on 08-30-2010 in Articles

If you have pool vacuum, you will be able to clean your swimming pool easily. This will make the pool always sparkling. When you want to install this device in your pool, there are some things that you should follow.

Firstly, you should know the operation system used by your automatic pool vacuum. You will find that this can use a booster pump system or pool suction system. Actually, those pool vacuums have the same function that is to remove twigs, leaves and other small debris from the walls and floor of the pool. But, they have different power source to make the vacuum works. In this matter, the vacuum that is operated by suction system is hooked to the skimmer line. Meanwhile, pool vacuum is operated by booster pump system is attached to the port of your pool's wall. It is plumbed to an external booster pump and is located with the main pool pump.

Secondly, you should fill the hose of the pool pump with water. You will find that all automatic vacuums use a hose to carry or force the debris and dirty water into a filter or collection bag. If your vacuum is hooked to the suction line, you will flood the water when you connect it. Otherwise, you can cause the system loses its prime since there is amount of air in the system. If your vacuum uses a booster system, you will find that the force of the water is ejected from the pool through the eye of it and then it purges the hose of the air.

Thirdly, you should make sure that the collection canister, bag or filter is attached properly and it can be functioned well. You will find that it will make larger debris cannot clog the system. If your vacuum uses a booster pump, you should check the sound of the filter bag in the vacuum. Make sure that the connection of the vacuum unit is tight. If the connection is not tight, the debris will be blown back to the pool.

Finally, you should release the vacuum into the pool and monitor it regularly and periodically. Although the vacuum has modern automatic cleaners, the device cannot take care of itself. Therefore, periodic checking and repositioning are important to do. Checking and repositioning will ensure the cleaning with minimum effort.

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