Easy Weight Loss Plateau Solutions  

by Pool Builders on 09-29-2006 in Articles

If you have ever tried to lose weight you have probably hit a weight loss plateau. It's not only frustrating but one of the major reasons people fail at weight loss.

Even if you never cheat with food and exercise faithfully, that weight loss plateau still seems to happen. So what can you do about it?

First, you need to understand why it's is happening before you can attack the problem. Most often, a weight loss plateau happens because your body has gotten used to your weight loss routine.

Your body has a unique way of adapting to changes and will eventually quit losing weight even though you are burning more calories and fat than you are taking in. How frustrating is that?

So, what do you do to overcome a weight loss plateau to turn your body into a fat burning machine again? The good news is you just make a few small changes to your diet and exercise fitness routine.

These small changes will kick start your body's metabolism back into a fat burning machine again. Here are a few simple ways that you can take back control to knock out this weight loss plateau.

When you started to lose weight, you changed the food you were eating and exercised more. This worked at first because it was something your body was not used to. To get past your weight loss plateau, you need to change the foods once more because your body is getting used to your new foods again.

Just remember to make good food choices because you want to still maintain healthy weight loss. You can never lose site of your ideal weight loss goal.

Vary the kinds of lean meat and vegetables you are eating. If you are eating a lot chicken, try eating more fish instead. Salads are great food but try changing to soups to fill you up as a change.

Make small adjustments to see if this will break your weight loss plateau. But remember to give your body a couple of days to get used to the new changes before you decide if it is working or not. Results will not happen overnight and it's important to test your changes over a few days.

Another good way you can break a weight loss plateau is changing your exercise fitness routine. If you walk for thirty minutes a day, increase that to forty five minutes. To get your metabolism fired up and burn more body fat, step up your pace and walk a little faster.

Add some weights to your exercise fitness routine. You don't have to go for big muscles to get benefits from adding weights and you may be surprised at your results.

Vary your exercise in other ways like swimming as exercise on certain days. Swimming for weight loss is an ideal way to change things around and works great for burning body fat.

Water provides 12 to 14 percent more resistance than air, so swimming for weight loss is like having weights all around you. Swimming as exercise increases metabolism to burn body fat and can improve cardiovascular health. Longer swims at a steady pace give you the most fat burning benefits if you are swimming for weight loss.

Swimming laps is a great way to exercise in a swimming pool. Try different types of strokes to vary the muscle groups you work to keep your swimming workout balanced.

Once you realize that small changes can knock out a weight loss plateau, you'll be able to focus on your ideal weight loss goal again. Picture yourself when you reach your perfect weight and never let anything or anyone steal that dream.

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