Effect of Chlorine on Swimmer Health - Childhood Asthma   

by Pool Builders on 03-22-2012 in Articles

A fear among the kids' parents spread after the last Olympic, while some doctors and physicians figured out that an increased level of chlorine usage might result in childhood asthma among the children. The result was conducted to make sure of the cause of asthma that attacked about one fourth of the participants in the Olympics swimming event. Many indoor pool companies like Pool Service Wilton CT and Pool Renovations Norwalk CT have tried to figure out a way to maintain the level of chlorine use in their pools. To make sure what the chlorine level should be in your in house pool, you can contact Rick pinto, your best serving local pool company at You might as well be thinking what if you do not use the chlorine at all. In fact that cannot be a good practice at all. This is used for disinfection of pool water and since you need to be careful about your families' health issues you need to know whether you can use a replacement of this or how much can be used as a safe dose. The recent study on Chlorine use in pool water have revealed a disturbing fact that, it is chlorine in pool water that is in fact creating a surge of asthma among the children, especially in the developed countries around the world. The suggest was conducted by the famous group of environmental and occupational medicine specialists. In fact, the reason behind asthma producing among the children is because usage of chlorine for water disinfections in pool water results in some sort of gas byproduct creation around the pool side.

The chlorine used to disinfect indoor swimming pools may be implicated in the surge of childhood asthma in developed countries, suggests research in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. This byproduct is created when the used chorine gets in contact with organic stuff such as sweat or urine in the pool and this gas can be inhaled by the occupants of the pool and cause in asthma.

The recent study had conducted the research based on some empirical results found from a number of swimming kids who had been swimming for a long time. These children had been tested for asthma before and after swimming into indoor pools. And the final result of the examination conducted have been able to show prevalent relationship between use of chorine in inside pools and the rising level of childhood asthma. This inhaling of chlorine gas also destroys some cellular barriers in the inhaling system of the children and make the children more allergic to outside stuff. In order to get away from this, you better use less chlorinated water and more frequent weekly pool service done in your indoor swimming pool.

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