Effective Swimming Pool Pump Motors for Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-23-2012 in Articles

Pool Pump Motors are positioned on the dry end and the main work of the swimming pool pump motors is to convert electrical into mechanical energy such that the device moves the water into and through the pump. A well maintained motor lasts for a period of 8-10 years and in poor conditions fail within a year. Hence knowing the basic information regarding the pool motors extends life and its performance.

Swimming pool pump motors are available as open drip proof that are featured with ventilations such that water does not enter. This benefits as the ventilation keeps the functioning proper. There are single and dual speed motors, where the single speed motor maintains the same speed all times, while the dual speed pump has low and high settings. The low setting is appropriate for basic pool and the high speed setting is for vacuuming water features. These pumps extend the motor life, use less energy and save electricity bills.

Things to know about a pool pump motor

Every motor comes with a nameplate or sticker affixed such that it provides perfect specifications and this includes horsepower in Hertz rating and its service factors. This information is required when the motor requires replacing or servicing. The service deals with motor being operated without damage or overload. The horsepower can be determined by horsepower x service factor to make total horsepower.

Switching form single to dual speed

This is a common thought as dual speed motors are energy efficient, but pool pump motors need to be matched appropriately to perform properly. This can be done properly by making sure that their total horsepower of the dual speed is more than the original motor.

Importance and points to be effective

Pumps size is important to be considered as too large pump for your pool will push a large amount of water resulting in strain and this also cause in the pump motor to die prematurely. The pump is effective when it is at the flow rate lesser than needed so that the circulation is done in 8 hours.

Proper ventilation for the pool pump motors is required so that the motor is clean and circulates air. Motors run at high altitudes and so having a thermal overload protector is recommended. This also includes keeping the pool pump motors from flooding and hurricanes and this is best done by keeping it inside. Check for proper installation so that it is effective and safe.

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