Effective Swimming Pool Pumps for Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 12-12-2010 in Articles

Do you have a swimming pool at home? Do you know how to maintain it clean and bacteria-free? In case you are wondering how to remove impurities in the water effectively, a good pool pump is what your pool needs.

Pool pump is the heart of every swimming pool. This is a device that removes impurities like dirt from your pool. A malfunctioning pump would mean you have a pool that is likely be contaminated with bacteria and full of dirt because there is no effective straining device. It is really an imperative that you have a good pump if you want to have a clean pool at home.

How does this device work?

Most of the pumps on the market today use electric motor. This motor, in turns, spins an impeller that is present inside the pumping casing. This impeller, on the other hand, pulls off water then lets this water go through an internal filtration unit before it sends back the water into the pool. The device also filters large dirt like leaves or pebbles.

Now that you know the important role of this device for your pool, make sure that you have proper maintenance of it. Proper maintenance of this device includes taking it off and removing from it dirt so it won't accumulate in the motor. If you do not remove the dirt, it is likely that your motor will burn out soon and the sad part of it is that you also need to replace it with a new one.

In choosing your pool pump, you need to consider what type of pool you have at home. If you have a pool that is in-ground, you should choose a motor having three to five horsepower. If you have one that is above-ground, on the other hand, you should have a motor having seven to ten horsepower. Jacuzzi's are special because they need powerful horsepower equaling up to thirty. The right horsepower for a motor ensure proper functioning of the device itself in removing dirt from the water.

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