Effects Of Excessive Rains On Pools  

by Pool Builders on 04-14-2011 in Articles

Swimming is a fun activity that most people look forward to, especially as the summer season approaches. It is, however, something that is enjoyed in all seasons. For a quick dip or to burn some extra calories a lot of people opt to swim in home pools or visit a health club. In any of these locations, pool maintenance is an important aspect. Pool sanitation is greatly affected where there are excessive rains or floods in the locality and in these conditions, more cleaning efforts are required as compared to days of normal weather.

Effects of rain in the pools -

Rain can damage the pool water in a number of ways. Rain will collect certain contaminants from the atmosphere and these will fall into the pools and cause a number of concerns. Firstly, there are contaminants in the rain water that act as food for the algae and bacteria. Secondly, these contaminants will consume the chlorine residual. This is because as these contaminants enter the pool water chlorine will use its oxidizing power to attack these contaminants and hence, the chlorine level will get depleted. Thirdly, there will be fresh algae spores. The rain will also reduce the pH levels in the water especially in the case of acid rains.

How to treat an affected pool -

To remove the regular amounts of contaminants that build up in pool water, weekly chlorine shock treatments are given. With rains, the amount of contaminants is raised to an abnormal level and therefore, shocking has to be more frequent. Immediately after the rains, the following procedure is to be adopted:

=> Check the pH level. If it is high, then lower it to 7.2-7.4 and if it is low, apply the shock treatment first and then re-check the level. Shocking increases the pH level by a certain amount.

=> Check the chlorine level. If this is below 1.5 ppm, give a booster chlorine shock treatment.

Once the pool has been affected by rain water, there are chances of dirty water that could contain mud, debris from gardens and other contaminants.

Heavy rainfall and possible floods are a source of concern for the pool owners. They can minimize the rain effects on the pool water by regular monitoring and checks on the pool water. If ignored, this will affect the health of the swimmers and any delays will only add to the cost of sanitizing by a larger amount. Pool builders must be contacted immediately to cure the rain water problems in pools.

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