Effects of High Pool Levels

by Pool Builders on 05-26-2009 in Articles

Reducing High Pool Levels

If you have a high pool level and the pH is the problem. You need to use a pH reducer. If you leave this problem unattended, you are going to end up with a green pool. The water will be unsafe to swim in and will only get worst. You should add the reducer per the instructions on the container. Generally, you add so many ounces PPM of water. If you follow the directions and the algae is not so bad, it will clear up quickly. Otherwise, it could take days. Always keep the pool pH at a desired level and avoid this problem.

Problems with High Pool PH Levels

The problem with high pool levels is that it usually promotes algae growth and can affect the body of a swimmer. Adding chlorine to the water is not going to correct the problem. You must use a pH reducer to lower the level. If you have a hard time lowering the level, you may need to test all the chemicals and see if one is high or low. It could affect the pH level as well. It is always best not to let a pool go this long and create all of these problems.

Swimming in Higher Pool Levels

The high pool pH level is not safe to swim in or even walk around. You should never go into water with a higher pool level because it can cause irritation. If algae has started forming on the bottom of the pool, it will also be very slippery and dangerous. Make sure that every one stays out of the water until you have added the chemicals to clear the water. Always test the water after adding chemicals to make sure that all the high pool levels [http://www.poolcleaningguide.com/high-pool-.html] are at a safe level.

If you have a pool with a high pool level, you must not allow anyone in the pool until the problem is corrected. This is the only safe thing to do. Once you add the pH reducer and see an improvement, then people can swim. This of course, is after you have retested the chemical levels. Keep you pool clean and free of algae by keeping the pool pH under control. The only way to maintain a pool is to check the levels weekly and more under prolonged use such as with public pools.

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