Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

by Pool Builders on 01-04-2011 in Articles

When on holiday, whether it's a family holiday, a couple's retreat or a lads week away, nothing can beat starting the day by into the swimming pool and doing a few lengths. This feeling is highly invigorating, and with more and more homeowners throughout the UK fitting swimming pools, it is no longer confined to the sunnier climates of Spain, Portugal, Italy or further afield. Although we aren't guaranteed the warm sun like some countries, if you have a pool you no longer have to worry about it being too cold, thanks to the extensive range of swimming pool heaters currently available.

Many swimming pool heaters can be tailored specifically to suit a particular pool size, to ensure that they not only heat the pool efficiently but are also cost effective. However, as with all electrical appliances there are limits to take into consideration (and not doing so could result in a cold pool).

One of those limits is the fact that the largest heater you can have to get the water in your pool to perfect temperatures, without having to wire it to the main fuse box of your property, is a 3KW heater. However, don't let this put you off.

3KW heaters are ideal to be used for pools that are up to 12 feet and their stainless steel heating elements promise quick heating and a long life.

Along with providing fantastic heat for pools 12 feet and under, a 3KW heater from any of the leading manufacturers will come complete with a Residual Current Device (RCD) and plug, which means that unlike other models it's easy to install and won't require a trained electrician to set up.

If you have a pool over 12 feet and you want to get a perfect temperature for your morning swim, then it's worth remembering that you will need to hire the services of a trained and qualified electrician to wire the pump to your main fuse box, and you'll also require a larger pump, such as easy installation pumps with built in personalised control systems.

Whichever size pool you have and whatever swimming pool heaters you opt for, you can be guaranteed to be getting valuable for money and a pool which, whether first thing in the morning, at midday during the Autumn months or last thing at night, will be the absolute perfect temperature for a relaxing, refreshing swim.

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