Encouraging Children to Participate in Swimming As a Sport Is Potentially Setting Them Up for Lifelong Success  

by Pool Builders on 08-20-2012 in Articles

Many famous swimmers, who have achieved success in the world arena, cite their swimming lessons for children as the reason they first became interested in the sport that has given them so much success. For many of them, juggling schoolwork around their commitment to achieve their goals provided them with a foundation that not only helped them become highly successful in their chosen sport, but helped them achieve success in their private lives as well.
Outcomes Beyond the Pool

As parents, we want to give our children the perfect foundations in life. Every child needs to develop physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Very few activities can compete with a sport to achieve all these outcomes in the one activity. Families who choose to introduce their children to swimming when they are young, are providing a valuable foundation for their future that will help them in each of these key areas of growth and development.

The results of focusing on developing a love of sport in a child can never be underestimated. Whilst not every child will turn their love of a particular sport into a lofty objective, such as competing in the Olympic Games, every child who participates in a sport is encouraged to do their best. Swimming as a sport is ideal because although it can be competitive, swimmers are constantly encouraged to achieve their personal best. Children benefit from this foundational value for life.

Coaches as Mentors

Not every child will progress from lessons to a career in professional swimming, however, there will be some that do show promise and will move beyond the lessons and progress towards more intensive training.

The swimming instructor may be replaced by the more intimate

relationship of a swimming coach. Every parent wants their child to grow up with good adult role models in their lives and the relationships that develop between a child and their coach or instructor can be one of the most important relationships a child will develop with an adult.

Group Dynamics

Often, a class will include a number of children and together, the children learn the benefits of small group interactions under the guidance of the coach or their swimming instructor. These small group interactions assist the child to learn invaluable social skills as well as the advantages of having a small group to provide encouragement and motivation as they work together to achieve personal goals.

When we as parents enrol our sons and daughters in swimming lessons for children, we are potentially setting them up for personal lifelong success.

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