Encouraging Your Children to Swim

by Pool Builders on 03-25-2010 in Articles

Since he was a baby, a child has experienced the feel of swimming. This is because since he was in the worm, a baby was used to be in the water for 9 months. He would feel warm and comfort in the fetal membrane of his mother. Thus, a baby has a kind of ability to move in the water and is not afraid of being in the water.

In his 4 months, a baby has such "diving reflex" that prevents him from swallowing the water. Hence, in this age, a baby will be very easy to learn swimming. However, when his brain can be functioned well, this reflex will disappear as the time goes by. This makes a baby has to learn to hold his breath when he is in the water.

In starting teaching your child to swim, it is better for you to introduce him to the water world by playing in the bath tub or plastic swimming pool. Make sure that the water is quite warm at least 33 degrees Celsius. Thus, he will not get cold. This will help him recognize the feel of being in the water before he is introduced to the real pool.

After your child has a high confidence and courage, bring him to the real swimming pool. You can start it by playing around it and then you can start teaching your children to swim. Make sure that your child is not afraid of water. If he is afraid of water, do not force him.

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