End of Summer Cleaning Tips  

by Pool Builders on 08-25-2014 in Articles

After suffering through one of the worst winters on record, you were determined to have as much fun as possible this summer. Not wanting to waste a second of clear skies and warm weather, you spent your days swimming, hitting the beach and hosting fun-filled backyard barbecues. In addition, the family road trip you and your clan embarked on was quite possibly the most enjoyable vacation you've ever taken. There's little doubt that you succeeded in making the most of this highly anticipated respite from snow, ice and frigid weather.

Unfortunately, summer is quickly coming to an end. Now that the weather is starting to cool off and the kids are heading back to school, it's time to carry out your end-of-summer cleanup. With fall right around the corner, it's important to get your home in shape for the onset of shorter days and cooler weather. If your whole family pitches in, you should have no problem executing the cleanup in a timely and stress-free manner. With this in mind, make sure to utilize the following tips when preparing your home for fall's inevitable return.

Make a Donation Pile
As parents with small children know, kids outgrow clothing in the blink of an eye. At the end of every summer, take stock of any pieces of warm weather clothing your little ones have gotten too big for. If these clothes can't be used as hand-me-downs, make sure to donate them to a charitable organization or give them to a friend or family member whose children could use new summer clothes. Additionally, make a pile of summertime clothing that you and your spouse wish to get rid of. Whether you've gotten too big - or small - for certain shorts, shirts or sandals, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a charitable organization to take them off your hands.

Turn Pool Cleaning into a Group Affair
Cleaning an in-ground swimming pool is arguably one of the most cumbersome end-of-summer cleanup tasks a person can be stuck with. In fact, cleaning a pool all by yourself is liable to eat up an entire day. Fortunately, the more help you have, the faster the job will get done. So after the pool has been drained, enlist the aid of your entire family to help scrub it clean. Assign each family member a specific area of the freshly-drained pool, then hand each of them a scrub brush and bucket of pool-cleaning solution. Before you know it, what should have been an all-day job will be finished in the span of several hours.

Rent a Storage Condo
Families with overcrowded basements, attics and garages often have a hard time storing their summertime paraphernalia. Above-ground swimming pools, for example, require an amount of storage space that many families simply don't have. Additionally, trampolines, grills and outdoor furniture are notorious for taking up copious amounts of space. By renting a roomy storage condo, you'll be providing your family with a place to comfortably store their favorite warm weather accessories until summer makes its return.

Carrying out your annual end-of-summer cleanup doesn't have to be an ordeal. Making smart storage decisions and having your family help out are guaranteed to make the cleanup process a hassle-free undertaking.

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