Endless Pools: A Swimming Trainer’S Best Friend  

by Pool Builders on 03-09-2011 in Articles

The endless pool has a unique function that lets swimmers train in their own pool by swimming against a constant current. This current can be adjusted by means of a device to change the speed and intensity of the current. Such pools are usually much smaller than usual pools, though they do have their own size chart. In that way they can easily become part of your property even if you don't have too much extra space, and they can also can be put indoors.

Another convenient function of the endless pool is the fact that size of the pool doesn't really matter. By setting the flow settings you can just swim for however long you want without needing to turn and swim laps. It's great for a trainer.

In fact having an endless pool will make your own house a center for constant exercises and training, your friends will be over often to swim and enjoy the advantages of modern technology.

Endless pools are not created only for the one person. While you can start you training by swimming against the current in the middle of the pool(you can set speed up to the race tempo if you want some challenging swimming), others can swim at a usual regime on the sides where the stream has less resistance. Besides, you can always just turn off the stream function and just keep it at a lazy pace to relax, or even create your own water fitness program.

You can make your endless pool feel like a hot relaxing bath by changing the temperature settings which usually change automatically adjusting to the current weather conditions. The only caution you have to keep in mind is that training in water that is over 32 degrees can be dangerous for your health.

Endless pools are disinfected by silver ions, plus you add not more than one cup of chlorine and you can be absolutely sure there won't be any bacteria in it, and you can swim safely in this water. The water won't need to be changed more than once or twice a year if you maintain it well and the process is quite easy: just turn on the tap and fill it up.

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