Endless Pools - Things to Be Wary of!

by Pool Builders on 03-28-2012 in Articles

If you've done your homework, and settled on this brand, then you've probably read a number of Endless Pools reviews, and seen all the glowing things that people have to say about them. I'll readily add my voice to that chorus. They are fantastic!

Once you've made the decision to buy, then it goes without saying that you've recovered from the (potential) sticker shock. Unless you get a bare bones model, the price can head toward the stratosphere pretty quickly, but if your mind is made up, then the price tag isn't going to stop you.

All the glowing reviews aside though, there are issues you should be aware of when buying an endless spa. Chiefly, they are as follows:

1) Get a good installer! Your entire Endless swim spa experience is likely to be defined by how good your installer is, so absolutely don't hire someone who has never installed Endless Swimming Pools before. All that will accomplish is that it'll increase the likelihood that something will go wrong and lead to greater expense and frustration down the road.

2) Double check the work! Even if you get an experienced installer, go back through everything yourself once the pool is in place and up and running. Specifically, check the seals everywhere to make sure you don't have any slow leaks. Nothing will spell doom for your pool faster!

3) Absolutely don't neglect regular maintenance. Indoor pools are...well, finicky. They're high maintenance. Yes, they're hugely fun and useful, both from a health and fitness perspective, and from the perspective of the value they add to your home, but make no mistake, there are regular maintenance costs associated with them, and unless you want to ruin your pool and start over, you need to create a strict maintenance schedule and stick to it religiously!

If you do the three things mentioned above, you're all but guaranteed a good indoor pool experience. On the other hand, if you try to get your uncle Eddie to install it (who's a great guy, but sort of a shade tree mechanic), don't bother to check the work when it's done, and skimp or outright ignore regular maintenance, you'll wind up with a several thousand dollar boondoggle, and lots of frustration. Don't be that person!

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