Endless Swimming Pools - A Practical Solution to the Exercise Dilemma

by Pool Builders on 01-11-2010 in Articles

Gym memberships can be expensive, and you often get stuck in lengthy contracts that are nearly impossible to break. It can also get tiresome remembering to go. Walking, jogging and running can be great, if you don't mind the unpredictability of seasonal temperatures and the weather.

As swimming is a way of doing aerobic exercise, it is a fantastic way to maintain and improve your cardiovascular health. Swimming is also a fantastic relief for anxiety and stress.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to have access. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a body of water or a swimming pool. Public swimming pools have limited hours and are not always very sanitary. It can be costly to maintain and build private swimming pools. They also require an expanse of land, building permits and major excavation. Huge amounts of extremely unpleasant chemicals, like chlorine, are essential to keep them free of harmful bacteria. Moreover, traditional swimming pools cannot be used during colder months unless they are heated, which can be expensive.

Through modern technology and extremely creative minds, you can overcome these obstacles and still manage to swim in the privacy and comfort of your home. In the past couple of decades, a new type of swimming pool has evolved. Commonly known as an endless pool, a swim-in-place pool, a swim spa, a swimming machine or a resistance pool, this device can fit in a small area inside or outside the home. It is extremely cost effective and does need any special equipment, construction or permits. And because of the small amount of water in an endless pool, only a purifying system is necessary for disinfection and only a small heater is needed to heat the water, thus minimizing the use of harmful chemical and costly heating bills.

An endless pool operates with water jets that cause currents against which one can swim. These currents can be adjusted according to the strength and pace of the swimmer. Because the swimmer basically swims in place, the endless pool does not require much room.

Endless pools are also available with many additional options, including automatic covers, benches, mirrors, lights, steps, rails and heart monitors. Customers can decifer between the more versatile above-ground version or the built in-ground model. Instructions are generally included for installation, although you can choose to have them installed professionally.

With so many positive benefits and virtually no detriments, an endless pool can enhance just about anyone's life, regardless of space, budget and lifestyle constraints.

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