Energy Efficient Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-13-2009 in Articles

An energy efficient pool can be yours for the summer by making some simple changes. These include regular maintenance of your water system, considering an updated more energy efficient pump and lowering your heating costs with a solar cover or a solar or gas pool water heater. The great benefit of these changes is you will get to enjoy your pool longer and save some serious money as well.

First, make sure the inlets and outlets to your pool are clear of any debris or obstacles. This is critical for lower costs and good healthy water that everyone enjoys. Next, clean your filter and/or make sure the timer is set to backwash it on a regular basis. This lowers the load on your pump which is one of the biggest consumers of electricity in your pool's operation. If you have an older, induction type pump, consider replacing it with a digitally controlled pump with a permanent magnet type motor. This can reduce significant amounts of energy. In some cases up to seventy percent for a huge savings.

For those summer pool parties most folks like to spend time in the water. This means a comfortable temperature and not jumping into a brisk and bracing cold and then jumping out again. Brrrr! To achieve a good temperature quickly, the cheapest method is to add a solar cover which will magnify the warmth of the sun to heat your pool. If you would like greater control of your pool's water temperature and a longer season add a solar heater or a gas fired pool heater. There are many energy efficient models on the market so do some research before purchasing.

Add the above actions to some good water maintenance and you have the makings for a long summer of enjoying your pool.

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