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Eating the right food for Distance Swimming

Distance swimmers spend more time in the pool during practice and competition than other swimmers. Longer training hours mean a greater need for fuel. Distance swimmers have higher energy and carbohydrate requirements to meet training goals and individual growth needs, this also is of course a factor with other distances but distance swimming can be highly demanding, the last thing you need is to run out of energy half way into a race!

Distance swimmers also need to consume adequate fluids. Training indoors in a heated pool or outdoors in the sun can increase sweat loss, even if it's not obvious when surrounded by water.

Many distance swimmers do not consume sufficient food and beverage before early morning practices, often out of fear of stomach distress. Unfortunately, swimmers who skip meals or rely on fast or convenience-type foods will run out of fuel, fail to recover properly and perform poorly, there should always be enough fuel on board to work a set out fully!

To achieve peak performance, distance swimmers need to develop nutrition plans for practice and competition. The following tips will help distance and other swimmers achieve success in the pool.

Eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day. Eating before, during and after competition/practice will increase energy and nutrient intake. Swimmers with higher energy requirements may need to increase the number of healthy snacks eaten during the day.

Prepare meals and snacks in advance. Yogurt, fruit, bagels or sandwiches can be brought from home and consumed between races or during end-of-practice recovery. While travelling and at swim meets, have carbohydrate-rich snacks available to eat right after practice to jump-start the refuelling process.

Bring fluids with you to the pool to drink during practice and competition, a drinks bottle should alsways be to hand.

After exercise, replace fluids as quickly as possible. For every pound of body weight lost during a workout, drink three cups of fluid. Throughout the day, drink fluids at regular intervals.

Get the most out of your practices by getting the most out of the foods you put in your body. Make every meal, snack and beverage count by planning ahead and planning for swimming success!

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