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by Pool Builders on 01-22-2012 in Articles

Relaxing in a calm and cool pool's water on a hot sunny day in Oxford CT is an excellent way of whiling away a lazy weekend's afternoon or evening. Floating on an air - filled raft, with a favorite drink in hand, sun glasses smoothly resting over the eyes is an exceptional experience. However, when gazing at the blue clear swimming pool's water, a lot of people don't realize the need for a quality swimming pool service in Oxford CT.

So as to enjoy that kind of a relaxing experience mentioned above, the swimming pool, in addition to the swimming pool area have to well taken care of and maintenance and repair routines carried out as often as possible. These maintenance and taking care procedures variedly change according to the coming of different year's seasons; that is, from that time that the pool activities commences, at the start of the summer, to the close of the fall when the cover is once again put on. With the coming of the summer season, the swimming pool cover is once again removed, and the pumps, the filters and the hoses re - installed again.

With the pool activities in full swing, regular maintenance routines must commence once again, of which much is carried out by the pool's owner, or hired pool maintenance crew. Preventing debris from falling into the pool's water, checking the water levels and chlorine concentration are tasks that have to be done on a daily basis. These activities can conveniently be carried out by the pool's owner as they are more of basic tasks. If you are unable to carry out these activities yourself, then you can hire the services of a quality swimming pool service provider in Oxford CT.

Vacuuming the swimming pool unit when required and subsequent checking of the chlorine contents (must be kept at a value of not more than 10 ppm) and keeping a constant chlorine level of 3ppm is essential when it comes to putting an end to the growth of both the algae and bacteria in the water, is a vital part of standard swimming pool maintenance routine.

Having a quality and reputable swimming pool service in Oxford CT provider to help in taking care of the fall maintenance routine is well worth it. At this time of the year, small and broken twigs from the nearby trees, in addition to the fallen leaves must betaken out of the water, the pool walls scoured and chlorine levels maintained at 10 ppm so as to put off the algae and bacteria growth. All filters, pumps and external hoses have to be uninstalled and stored appropriately until the coming of the spring. The pool must then be covered and the filters and pumps winterized.

A regular and trustworthy swimming pool service provider performs all of the required pool maintenance tasks as requested, which is essential when it comes to keeping the pool free from the disease causing bacteria and algae. This will prevent things such as putting large amounts of chlorine into the pool or other issues that may make the pool's water unpleasant or unsafe for swimming in the future.

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