Enhancing the Swimming Experience  

by Pool Builders on 05-30-2012 in Articles

How long have you been dreaming of owning a swimming pool so you can have easy access to such sports facility? Maybe you've had this wish ever since you were a kid. There are not many people though who can afford to have even the simplest design of this luxury built for their homes. The closest thing that they can do is to live right next to one. Yet this alternative is not common under the normal circumstances, unless you live in resort cities or areas that brim with several pool sites, like the apartments Pattaya, Thailand has in its real estate property list. However, swimming in plain swimming pools can become unappealing especially if it's done all the time. On the one hand, enhancing the swimming experience, no one would feel bored about getting into the waters then. But how can you enhance your swimming experience so you won't feel unenthusiastic about it? Well you can certainly take up some water sports, those that are done in pools and not just in open waters. But this can be complex too. Or, you can consider swimming in pools that contain special features instead of just being plain.

The apartments Pattaya offers its property buyer population have a variety of swimming areas that feature different gimmicks. These gimmicks are the necessary attractions incorporated in the swimming pool designs to enhance the swimming experience of the apartment residents. A few among the most interesting swimming pool designs in Pattaya are the jungle themed and Atlantis themed waterfronts, infinite edge appearances and beach sand filled wading areas. There are still other things that can be done on swimming pools to make your swimming experience worthwhile all year-round though. Here are some of these things.

One, you can always plant flowers, trees and other plants near your swimming pool area. Green environment, according to research, can offer a sense of wellness to those who live around it. Swimming in a pool surrounded by different plants can relax and energize you. Green environment absorb negative energies, thereby leaving you a light feeling. Aside from this, the plants, especially the trees, can give cool air and shades for the swimmers on hot days, further soothing the swimmers' restless energies before taking a break from things.

Two, including jacuzzi and spas in the poolside design allows you to have a venue to flex and stretch your body muscles in warm water. The warm water coming from the water jets can physically massage your body and reduce stress. This way, not only your swimming experience is enhanced but your loafing as well.

Three, adding a zip line towards the center of the pool can be an alternative for the usual pool slide, Zip lines add excitement to swimming, especially if it's from an elevated point. You may say that the slides can add to the enjoyment but it is more exciting to slide down from a rope while your legs are hanging in the air, then crashing into the waters afterwards. Four, middle fountains and side jets are good options for enhancing your swimming experience. Water scenes are often associated with calmness and thus can create an atmosphere of peace. The gurgling sounds of the fountains and water jets too are a source of hypnotizing comfort, further relaxing your senses in effect.

Five, you can simply have a rooftop pool. Swimming closer to the skies is simply breathtaking, especially if the surrounding landscapes are stunning. However, if you want to go overboard in your swimming pool enhancement plan, you can also include other water features in your pool such as rippling waters and manmade waves. This is expensive though, thus difficult to do for a house pool. Also, you don't want your home pool to seem like a water adventure park, so it's best to consider the other enhancement alternatives instead.

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