Enjoy Swimming Every Season of the Year with the Use of a Heat Pump Pool  

by Pool Builders on 03-13-2012 in Articles

Swimming pools are a relief for individuals during hot sweltering summers. Several pool lovers consider swimming as one of their necessities and use pools for not only relaxation and exercise but also for therapies. However, this use can be difficult during the colder autumn or winter months. In such cases, pool owners can make use of chauffage de piscine techniques to extend quality time in the swimming pools all year round. There are several techniques using which pool owners can heat the swimming pool water. However, heating pool water using conventional techniques can be a cumbersome task.

pompe   chaleur piscine s one of the most cost-effective and reliable device, which make chauffage de piscine a hassle free process. This efficient device has its own unique set of benefits including energy-efficiency. This heating device works on the principle of air conditioning to heat up the pool water. The entire set up of this device comprises a heat exchanger, a condenser and a compressor. A heat pump device utilizes the heat of the ambient air, which of course is free, and the most cost effective way of heating. This auxiliary heat source of these pumps is an essential aspect of heating the swimming pool water. Heat which is extracted from the natural ambient air is transferred to the heat exchanger, from where it is passed on to water drawn from the swimming pool. The warm water is then reintroduced to the swimming pool, which raises the overall temperature, thus heating the entire pool.

These systems are fitted with a digital controller, which automatically switches it on or off. A heat pump automatically starts with pool heating as soon as the temperature of the swimming pool water falls below the set pool temperature. The device automatically shuts off as soon as the pool water desired reaches the desired temperature. These high-end in-built features make other heating function such as accurate temperature setting, communication and interface with other control systems easy to conduct.

A pompe   chaleur piscine provides a cozy pool temperature, a longer lasting swimming season along with lower heating costs. Irrespective of the outside climatic conditions, this device assures optimum functionality in all conditions. With the use of this device, heating a pool may consume minimal efforts as well as expenses. Being nature friendly, these pumps heat up the swimming pool water in a safe and convenient manner. Easy to install and maintain, this energy-efficient pump will provide an inexpensive, quality chauffage de piscine.

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