Enjoy This Monsoon in Bird of Paradise Coorg With Best Holiday Package  

by Pool Builders on 09-08-2014 in Articles

Peacefulness is an inner sense of calm- it comes from becoming still. A peaceful heart is free that stays still without worldly worries and trouble. It's when you stay calm; close your eyes and surrender yourself into the lap of nature and stay. On your holiday to the wildlife, beauty of Coorg, no other place other than the Bird of Paradise can make you feel what Coorg Homestay does. It is an attractive and comfortable Homestay located centrally in the picturesque city of Coorg in Karnataka. If you look for an adventurous yet peaceful holiday package look for this beautiful and awe-inspiring place, it is indeed a home away from home. If 5 stars and resorts aren't your idea of a beautiful holiday then you definitely are at the right place.
In the midst of picturesque and scenic beauty of the greenery, resting in Bird of Paradise is all what you need in the beautiful holiday. The big swimming pool and the beautiful view from the pool is what you'll love. If you're planning to go for a peaceful holiday and don't want to spend much for that Bird of paradise is best for you.The Coorg Homestay package offers a nice mid-budget place with deluxe rooms and the tree house is very adventurous. Bird of Paradise is just the other name for €peaceful heaven€. The well-groomed and efficient staff members who'll be there for your service 24x7. The delicious food with the local rustic flavor of the in-house experienced cooks is what you can just not resist. There is a big basketball and table- tennis hoop, but I am sure you cannot stop yourself from enjoying in the big warm swimming pool. If a clean accommodation, peaceful surroundings and good food is all what you want, then you're at the perfect place. The bird of Paradise Homestay will entice you with the best of both worlds; Mysore and Coorg, with Cauvery River that passes through it. Bird of Paradise, a destination for relaxation and rejuvenation, is spread across a sprawling seven acre estate. Coorg holiday packages are indeed one thing to look for this vacation.
If you still don't consider Homestays good enough for holidays then let us tell you resorts can never give you all the comforts of home and surroundings that resound with peace and calm. And the most important is good homely food which is the best part of the Homestays. Good South-Indian food is available in the Bird of Paradise. It's the last place in Coorg, not only for an adventurous holiday but also for a peaceful and homely place surrounding filled with greenery. The cottage is surrounded by coffee and pepper. The lush green that surrounds the house supports many birds that fill the air with their song.
This homestay is 913m above the sea level and the weather is pleasant throughout the year. It is a quiet, serene and beautiful place tucked into a little village which is off the main road. The Coorg Homestay consists of deluxe room and full fledge tree house for honeymoon couple overlooking swimpool. Emerald green paddy fields link the cottage to the River Cauvery. So here are the reasons why you should consider these Homestay holiday packages with a variety of nature's bounty€¦exotic birds and increasingly rare animals over a commercial resort which would be surrounded by the hustle bustle of the city.
There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quite enough, to pay attention to their beautiful story of their picturesque imagination. This vacation give yourself a break, move out of the daily chores of life, get into the wilderness of Coorg and hug nature with all your affection.

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