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by Pool Builders on 09-08-2011 in Articles

Imagine having your very own day bed to crash in and leaving your wet towel by the swimming pool. They are also great to take a daytime nap in. Daybeds are available for you and your pet. All outdoor daybeds waterproof, most are elevated off of the ground, and some are available with some type of shade. They are not only the ideal size for two to lie down on, but they are also very comfortable. There are many different amazing styles available. They actually make outdoor daybeds that look like clam shells for people who want a beach theme for their personal outdoor space. However, only some styles are for the indoors and most styles for outdoor use.

Most have a wicker or resin weave and are constructed with a frame that is made from steel which will certainly survive some foul weather. They are constructed sufficiently heavy to withstand moisture and wind storms. The fact is that sailcloth is usually the fabric that is for the cover. Outdoor daybeds are very durable by the swimming pool or even the wind and wave action on a yacht.

You can use daybed in your backyard as your own private retreat while there might have been a time when you would have considered you bedroom as the only place for a bed.

With the economy in its current condition many people are reconsidering how to use their own backyards, as opposed to taking an expensive vacation somewhere else. A considerable amount of the population already has at the very least a picnic table and many more have outdoor kitchen facilities, spaces that are landscaped, and either an above ground swimming pool or an in ground one. By adding an outdoor daybed you provide yourself with another space for your own private retreat.

The hammock was the bed of the past, the ability to get in or out of one proved to be rather difficult for many people. One benefit of an outdoor daybed is that it will remain stationary. In addition, a person of any age can easily gain access. They appear sufficiently unique to be the center of attraction and can be seen anywhere in and outdoor space. They also provide additional seating to turn your yard into a living room.

Although it's dependent on the style of the outdoor daybed, they can be used in many different ways. In the area of the swimming pool, a cabana daybed is useful. They even make daybed for older dogs that are pet sized and small. A single or full that is rectangular in shape is perfect when placed against a wall as a bed or a couch. A round outdoor day bed that has privacy curtains is ideal for a spa room which will provide the ultimate in luxury.

On a lazy and hot afternoon in the summertime, there is nothing better than relaxing in the cushions of an outdoor daybed while your better half is cooking a steak on the BBQ grill while you are watching a spectacular sunset that is right in front of you.

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