Enjoy Your Pool With The Jandy Legacy Heater  

by Pool Builders on 07-22-2010 in Articles

Pools are nice additions to any home. People spend a significant amount of money for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. The problem is that we cannot enjoy our pools every time we want to. More often than not, the temperature is just too cold for comfort.

During times like this, you will not be using your pool and are wasting the money you have invested in it. But there is an answer. You can purchase a Jandy Millivolt Heater. With a Jandy pool heater, your pool will look inviting all the time.

The Jandy Millivolt Pool Heatercan be easily controlled by a no-fuss on/off temperature switch. Features like this allow you to enjoy a relaxing swim without worrying about how pool heaters are supposed to do their thing. Forget about how pool heaters are supposed to work and focus on having a blast in your swimming pool.

The Jandy pool heater LRZM is built tough unlike other pool and spa heaters that you might encounter in the market. Costly repairs and time-consuming maintenance are things of the past. The reason why you bought a pool heater in the first place is to have loads of fun in the pool with your friends and family, and not to have maintenance problems.

Jandy Millivolt heaters have a lot of technologically advanced features that are also user-friendly giving you the best value for your money. Your previous experience might lead you to believe that in most cases, technologically advanced features are not user-friendly. But if you own a Jandy pool heater, this is not the case.

A mechanical thermostat allows you to easily set the temperature of your spa or pool so that you can go ahead with the fun without getting stuck in the user's manual. It will maintain the temperature dialed in without you having to climb up again to reset the knob. Just set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature level and off you go.

The Jandy Millivolt Heaters have durable polymer headers with CPVC 2/2.5" universal union connections. The result is an efficient rate of flow and heating. The polymer headers will not rust. This material is also durable.

So, utilize your pool all throughout the year with a Jandy Millivolt heater. Purchase a Jandy Millivolt heater now and log a lot of pool time. Your family will thank you for it.

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