Enjoying Swimming Pool Slides the Right Way

by Pool Builders on 07-21-2010 in Articles

After a while, even the best cannon-ballers start looking for a different way to hop into the water. And let's be honest, every kid in the world finds steps and ladders a somewhat dull way to get into the pool. A diving board could be a good substitute, but many home pools lack the depth to make that practical. The alternative: Swimming pool slides.

It sounds fun already, doesn't it? Swimming pool slides provide countless hours of amusement for the kids and even adults can get a kick out of making their way into the after winding down a slide. However, there are a few things you should know about swimming pool slides before you add them to your pool.

Here is the most important tip of all. It can be reduced to one word: Stability. If you are going to add a slide to your pool, you must be certain that it is properly and solidly mounted. In most cases, that is going to mean pouring concrete into which you will sink the slides supports. There is no substitute for proper stabilization and there is no excuse for cutting corners. A poorly installed slide is downright dangerous and you do not want to cause a serious injury with neglect. If your slide shows any signs of instability, make it off limits and get someone to solve the problem.

Another factor to consider is the size of the slide. Some slides, particularly those with longer straight portions can be extremely long and may not be ideal for a home pool. You may have thought that spiral and twisting slides were engineered purely for fun. They are not. They are built that way so they have a smaller footprint. Keep that in mind when you are shopping among the many swimming pool slides available.

A slide is more fun when it is slippery. It is also a lot more comfortable when it is not extremely hot. There is one way to turn up the fun that will also turn down the heat. You can either use a hose or you can set up a special water delivery system to keep your slide wet. Either way, everyone will undoubtedly enjoy the slide more when it is kept wet. This customization is relatively easy to accomplish and it really does add an extra dimension to the slide experience.

You can add a number of accessories to your pool, but none of them can deliver as much fun as a slide. Swimming pool slides are always a favorite with the youngsters and even the older crowd has been known to enjoy them. Install your slide correctly, purchase an appropriately sized slide and just add water to increase the fun factor!

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