Ensure Hygiene, Safety and Water Clarity With Catridge Pool Filter  

by Pool Builders on 12-02-2011 in Articles

These days setting up a swimming pool inside the houses have become a trend. These pools have become a source of relaxation and enjoyment. In this excitement what should not be forgotten is the safety of the swimmers which can be achieved by regular maintenance of your pool. Since, bathers introduce lot of contaminants in the water, the pool in use need to be sanitized properly so as to ensure great and uninterrupted swimming experience.

Though traditional filters like sand and D.E filters are available in the market yet cartridge pool filters have become the ideal choice of pool owners. With cartridge filters around, pool owners can heave a sigh of relief as achieving crystal clear pool water is no longer a complicated task as all the pool keeping procedures used earlier can be avoided.

Since, the cartridges are made up of pleats of fine polyester filaments, impurities get trapped in the pleats. In fact, this filter coagulates dirt particles which are extremely small in size and get deposited on the filter surface.

Manufactured by leading brands like Intex, Starite, Doughboy and others, this type of filter function under a pump pressure of 8-10 lbs which actually is the normal pressure. Cartridge filters operate at a much lower pressure, consequently less backpressure on the pump is exerted allowing you to have a greater flow of water through the filtering system.

Consequently, the hassle of backwashing is completely eliminated and all you need to do is clean the cartridge element whenever clogging takes place. In fact, these types of filters offer the option of using replacement cartridges which serve as an excellent alternative to cartridge cleaning. This will save the pool users from manual labor of cleaning cartridges.

Installing cartridge pool filters of leading brands could be very worthwhile as they could be installed in any type of pool and has easy installation methods and is easy to operate. Since, cartridge pool filters cover a larger surface area lesser clogs are present. Consequently, they need to be cleaned off every so often by simply rinsing with water. Consequently, they are easy to take care of as compared to traditional filters.

The high popularity of cartridge pool filter is due to their easy maintenance and relatively low price. Though regular maintenance of pool filters is required, yet the best way to determine the suitable time to clean the filters is to keep an eye on the pressure gauge readings. So, when the pressure gauge reflects a reading beyond 10 psi, you can remove the cartridge element for cleaning.

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