Ensure Your Water Stays Clean with the Correct Filter Cartridges for Your Pool or Spa  

by Pool Builders on 09-05-2010 in Articles

There is no point owning a pool or spa if you are not going to look after it properly. To do so, it needs to be cleaned regularly and you need to use the correct chemicals as well. Your filter is the key to keeping the water as clean as it can possibly be, and ensuring your filter is in perfect working order will mean that you can relax, swim and enjoy your pool for many years. Filters will however need replacing from time to time and that is something you will need to be prepared to look into when the time comes.

You can easily purchase Spa filter cartridges [http://www.spa-daddy.com/filters.php] and swimming pool filter cartridges online, and this is a very convenient option when you need the right filter cartridge, but have little time to venture out in your car trying to find the right one. You might need to travel far and wide visiting many pool stores before you stumble across the correct cartridge, so shop online and save yourself time as well as money.

The chemicals that you add to your pool or spa will keep the water free of bacteria, but it is the filter and cartridge that removes everything else. When your filter is not working properly, or your cartridge is clogged up with body oils and grime, you will notice that a layer starts to build up and the water will not appear to be as clean and clear as it should be. Some people may feel they need to add more chemicals to assist with the clean up, however it is more likely that you need a Replacement spa filter or pool filter when you notice this is happening on a regular basis. You will need to clean your filter cartridge regularly as well, so it is not just a matter of having your pool installed and switching the filter on each day for a certain number of hours. If you are consistent and clean your pool filter and cartridge regularly, it will have a much longer lifespan than if you neglect it. It will also alert you to the fact that you may need a replacement spa filter or pool filter if you do consciously make the effort to clean it regularly and yet you still notice that the water quality is suffering.

It is highly recommended that you have spare spa filter cartridges and swimming pool filter cartridges, as it is often the case that you will need to soak your filter for a day or two. When this occurs, having spare spa filter cartridges, or swimming pool filter cartridges within handy reach, will mean you and your family can continue to use the spa or pool whilst you are cleaning and soaking the other filter. Having Swimming pool filter cartridges and spa filter cartridges in perfect working order, is the only way to ensure you are removing dirt, oil and other contaminants from the water. You can add chemical after chemical in an attempt to clean the water, but without a properly working filter and clean cartridge, the water will not be as clean and contaminant free as you would like it to be, or need it to be, to keep your family safe when swimming.

Purchasing a pool or spa is a big investment, so you need to be prepared to look after it as best you can. Set yourself a daily or weekly cleaning routine around and within the spa or pool, and get yourself some replacement cartridges so that you can clean your current cartridges as per the manufacturers instruction. This way, you and your family can take a dip in the pool, or relax in the spa, and there will be no need to worry about jeopardizing anyone's health.

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