Entrepreneur mindset tip: Belief comes before Success  

by Pool Builders on 10-03-2009 in Articles

Beliefs lead to Action. Action leads to Results. Do YOU believe in it? If yes, Great! If not, you WILL; when you are done reading through.

Imagine a child at a swimming pool for her first swimming experience. She is all excited and looking forward to the experience.

Now picture yourself as the swimming instructor standing beside her. However, instead of encouraging her, you start telling her about all the horror stories about how people have drowned in the pool, and that she has to be very careful and cautious. What do you think will happen to the child? Again, you are right! She starts getting wary of water itself and starts doubting whether swimming is a good idea after all. Correct? In fact, most people who come to the pool to learn swimming are afraid of drowning, because of the fearful ideas that they have formed in their mind listening to other peoples negative opinions.

Let us rewind the above scenario and now picture yourself telling the child about how easy it is to learn swimming and how other children have learnt it within one or two swimming lessons. What happens to the child now? She is encouraged and is more excited and enthusiastic. She is more willing and for sure, will learn quickly.

Now ask yourself this question-How many times have YOU propagated NEGATIVE ideas and opinions when your friend/family takes on a new initiative or project? If YOU are honest, you would say "ummm...more than once!" Guess what? You have already sowed the seeds-of-weeds in his beautiful garden spot.

Don't get me wrong, you might be saying it with good intention because you don't want him or her to get hurt or fail. But the delivery of the intention is more damaging than helpful.

In the swimming pool instance, what got the little girl to BELIEVE that she can do it? It's the references that YOU as the instructor gave about a) how easy it is to learn, and b) Others have done it easily and quickly. Those POSITIVE references are the ones, which got her to jump into the pool. On the other hand, the NEGATIVE references would have made her to doubt HERSELF, thus making her lose her confidence, thus leading to indecision, thus leading to inaction.

This is an easy-to-picture analogy, which I learnt from Tony Robbins. Imagine an IDEA to be like a tabletop. By itself, it is of not much use. If you want to convert the tabletop to a table, then you must put legs underneath it. Right? Similarly, if you want to convert an IDEA into a BELIEF, then you must put REFERENCES (the legs) to support the idea. The stronger the references (legs), stronger is the belief (table). The more the number of references, more stronger the belief.

In the above case, the IDEA was 'I want to learn swimming' and the BELIEF was ' I CAN do it!'. The references used to convert that idea into a belief were 'your encouraging words as the swimming instructor'.

So, from here on, if you are not sure about taking a particular action, go find yourself some references to increase your belief in the first place. Go put some legs under the tabletop. Once the belief is in place, TAKE ACTION! And results will follow suit.

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