Equipment For Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 08-28-2009 in Articles

Owning a pool can be great fun for your entire family. However, this fun does not come without a price. It is important that you maintain your pool and to add accessories to it so as to get the most life out of it. There are so many types of equipment from cleaners to a solar pool cover where do you begin? Well, here is a basic overview of things you might want to consider.

Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners, as the term suggests, are devices that aim to maintain the walls, floor, and deck of the pool. Pool cleansers are divided into 3 types, namely manual, suction-side, and in-floor.

Manual pool cleaners are the most basic and the cheapest. They have a vacuum head connected to suction mechanisms on the pool walls. When turned on, manual pool cleansers suck the dirt and grimes on the walls. They however need to be navigated by the person who facilitates the maintenance, so it certainly will take a lot of time especially when the pool is huge.

Suction side pool cleaners, unlike manual pool cleaners, do not need to be navigated by the user. Suction-side pool cleaners roam around the swimming pool to absorb the debris of the walls. Aside from this, many models also contain mechanisms with bristles that intensively brush off the surface.

In floor systems cleaners are the most expensive but definitely the most effective among all types of cleaners. An In floor system is attached to the swimming pool and incorporated with the plumbing system. In floor system cleaners are automatic and can be operated by a few push-buttons. The person can simply set the device's timer, and on cue, the cleaning mechanisms do the job flawlessly. The person does not even have to worry about the disposal of dirt and debris as they go directly to the sewerage system.

Pool Lights

Lights are very important equipment for swimming pool especially in the evening. The swimming pool is one of the best sites during house parties, so it is important that the number of lamps around the area is adequate and the concentration of lights creates a dramatic effect and highlights the beauty of the pool area.

A review of poolside landscaping books can be of help in determining where to place lights. Mixing lights of different hues and intensity is recommended as they help in making areas look small, or huge, and flowing.

Pool Shades

Pool shades provide comfort during sunny days. While seeing the blue splendid sky during the day is great for swimming, being roasted by the rays of the sun is a different thing. In choosing swimming pool equipment, pick among designs that complement the look of the pool, and the design of the house.

Water Slides and Diving Boards

Water slides and diving board are the most sought equipment for swimming pool in as much as they provide fun and action in swimming. Slides and boards come in various designs and types. Diving boards can easily be installed, but its presence in the pool depends on the depth of the hole. Slides for children are also very easy to build, especially models made in plastic. Slides for adults however need to be carefully planned during the construction of the pool since they take much space.

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