Escaping the Heat in Singapore  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2013 in Articles

The first thing you'll notice when leaving Changi Airport is that Singapore is hot. Really hot. At only one degree above the equator, Singapore has a hot and humid temperature 365 days a year. The average temperature is between 25 and 31 degrees Celsius with humidity between 70% and 80%. So while you're here, chances are you'll want to cool down.

Although everywhere indoors in Singapore is more than adequately air-conditioned, you'll definitely feel like a swim while you're here. For backpackers who don't have access to a hotel pool, a very cheap option is one of the dozens of public swimming pools scattered across Singapore. Although a mission into the heartlands is required, entry to public pools is almost guaranteed to be under $2. There's also the beach, with East Coast being the most popular. Sentosa also has three beaches with much nicer surroundings but visiting the island does cost money, even if you walk you'll be stopped to pay a toll. Although Singapore is an island, ocean swimming isn't that popular here, the surprising lack of beaches and the busy shipping lanes not far from shore being a possible reason.

For access to the most stunning swimming pool in Singapore, you'll need to book yourself a room at Marina Bay Sands. On the roof, in what they call the SkyPark, is the world's longest infinity pool. There's a good chance you won't find a pool with a better view anywhere in the world. Lounge right on the edge of infinity and relax while taking in the spectacular view of Marina Bay and the Singapore CBD, all at over 650ft above ground.

Those that can't afford the high-flying luxury of Marina Bay Sands but still want a thrill; Singapore has two large waterparks where you can easily spend a day. Out on the east coast is the original; Wild Wild Wet. Located in Pasir Ris, Wild Wild Wet won the World Water Park Innovation Award in 2004 for its creative design and technology. Wild Wild Wet is more geared towards families, with award winning family orientated facilities and an emphasis on "gentler" water-rides. Also its location right near Pasir Ris MRT station so is very easy to get to.

For the new and closer (but more expensive) Adventure Cove Waterpark, head down to Resorts World Sentosa. [] Adventure Cove really ups the ante. One of the attractions is South-East Asia's first hydro-magnetic coaster. Part waterslide, part roller coaster, this slide works by magnets inside the slide and inside the mat you sit on. The magnets work to pull you through a 225m track in just 40 seconds. Other attractions include a wave pool and snorkeling with 20,000 fish. Adventure Cove is actually part of the new aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, meaning at one point during a gentle tube ride, you'll travel beneath an aquarium making you feel like you're underwater.

No matter how hot you get in Singapore, there's always an easy way to cool down. Whether you just want to kick back in the public pool with the locals or hurtle down giant plastic slides, remember to always wear sunscreen as the humid and sometimes overcast nature of Singapore can be deceiving. Whatever you do while you're here, just remember to try and stay cool.

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