Essential Consideration On How To Keep The Water Of Natural Swimming Pools Clean

by Pool Builders on 07-14-2014 in Articles

Many people say that it is so much better to swim in natural swimming pools than in artificial ones. And they also say that once they've grown used to natural pools, they find the whole experience of swimming in artificial pools so different and that they really prefer taking dips in natural swimming pools.

And who wouldn't want to have and swim regularly in a natural pool? These pools do not require any artificial materials or chemicals to be cleaned or be maintained. They have a plant zone that acts as the filter. In addition, since it has an all-natural setup, you certainly have one of the most eco-friendly types of pool all around.

Though the plants act as the primary natural filtering and cleaning agents for your pool, there are some simple things you can do to help keep your natural pool clean. Below are some of them:

Regularly check and maintain the pool's regeneration zone. This zone is the pool's primary filtration system. This filter zone is filled with aquatic plants and rocks, which mimic the regeneration process in a natural ecosystem. Like with most rivers and waterfalls, water passing through a membrane or several layers of rocks and sand will keep it balanced (pH levels) and pure. The same concept is applied to natural pools. This zone not only adds beautifying and increases the aesthetic appeal of your pool but of course, keeps it clean. As such, it is important that you regularly check this zone and make sure the plants are healthy and thriving. And you can always add suitable plants in the zone as well.

Use or put natural rainwater in the pool. Collect or harvest rainwater and put or add it to the natural swimming pool. Cleaning the water actually starts with this process since a major part of the natural pool system, obviously, is the water you will be using. Since you choose to go eco-friendly, it is best to use rainwater for your pool because it is not treated with chlorine and other chemicals that the utility pipes have. However, make sure that the rainwater you will place in the pool is very clean and free from dirt.

Have an aeration and water circulation system installed. There are some natural swimming pools that do not have these features. A mechanical pump installed in the pool will help ensure that you have water circulating in it continuously. Stagnant water will lead to accumulation of algae and can be a habitat for insects and other harmful microorganisms.

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