Essential Pool Supply Products You Need To Maintain Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2012 in Articles

The pool supply industry is filled with gadgets and gear you must have to maintain a healthy, sparkling pool, but also plenty of items that fall under the category of "optional." If you are a homeowner with a new pool to equip, the variety can astound - and confuse. After you've installed the necessary filter system and pump, what's next? It's important to conduct research on the most effective pool cleaners and other important supplies to determine which items work best for your type of pool and your desired lifestyle. Here are some essential items to pick up before your first pool party:

Pool chemicals: Bacteria and algae would develop rapidly without the use of chemicals such as chlorine or bromine, leaving your pool looking cloudy, murky and incredibly unwelcoming. However, this problem can be solved with little effort. Chlorine, a very popular, affordable and effective solution, now comes in individually packaged tablets for home use. Convenient water test kits also help you monitor pH balance and chlorine levels.

Pool cleaners: Although pool chemicals are necessary to maintain a safe swimming environment, you can decrease your reliance on them. The more you use pool supply tools such as a vacuum, brush and leaf net to clean your pool, the fewer chemicals you will need to put in the water in the long run. This also cuts down on overall maintenance expenses. Spend a few minutes several times a week brushing the pool walls and tiles, and skimming the water for leaves, dead bugs and other debris, then vacuum. Select a model that meets your budget and routine. A handheld option is the most economical, but if you won't be using it often enough to do good, spring for an automatic vacuum you can just set in the water and forget about.

Safety equipment: You may not need a lifeguard stand, but you must still practice good safety habits to maintain a welcoming pool environment for your family and friends. Have a first-aid kit nearby to treat minor accidents, and stock your home with a rescue can or tube, life ring and/or life hook for emergencies. You may also coat your pool floor and/or surroundings, or install slip-resistant matting, to increase traction and reduce accidents, especially if you have very young or elderly visitors. Safety grips for handrails and portable step ladders are additional safety features you can add as well.

Storage facility: You need adequate storage for chemicals and other pool products. This is especially critical if you have young children or pets to protect. And although these items are made to be used outdoors, keeping them stored while not in use also could help maximize their lifespan and ensure they remain 100-percent effective. What you choose to use as storage could be as simple as a sturdy box or bench, or something larger, like a locker or shed.

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