Essential Tips in Maintaining Your Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 01-01-2010 in Articles

Having a swimming pool is one of the luxuries you have in your home. It unlocks the many pleasantries in life. For one, you can have the best way to relax at home. Lounging at the pool on a floating device, drinking coconut juice in a real coconut while the sun is shining re-lives your vacation days in Caribbean hot spots. Second, it also gives you flexibility in organizing social events. You are no longer confined within the interiors of your home because you have a space outdoors that could surely wow your guests. Third, the pool enhances the landscaping in your home. Its presence could turn your homes into a paradise. Not to mention, it improves your curb appeal; hence, your home would be one of the wonderful sites in your neighborhood.

But as much as swimming pools can give you a lot of good things, it needs to be maintained. Some people are turned off with the idea of having a pool because it is just so expensive (not only in terms of construction but also in maintenance). However, one has no choice but to keep this up or the pool would end up becoming a liability.

There is no denying that swimming pools can leave a hole in your pockets. But being able to perform the essential swimming pool maintenance could lessen the cost in time. So what are the different maintenance tips that you should be performing at all times?

One thing you should bear in mind is to customize the kind of care you have to practice. Different pools have different materials for building. Hence, the level of maintenance varies. For example, a concrete pool would be easier to maintain compared to vinyl or tiled pools. So you should pay attention to special care required of the various materials.

One should constantly clean their swimming pools. Cleaning the pool does not only mean cleaning its surface. But any debris or trash surrounding the pool (particularly the deck, cover, or even the equipment), as well as those floating in the water should also be removed.

You also have to constantly sanitize the pool. This makes the water safe for swimming. However, one needs to be not to alter the chemical levels of the pool. They should always be kept within the normal range. Or else, it could lead to the destruction of the pool or perhaps, cause an overgrowth of algae and other harmful microorganisms.

Pool needs to be shocked on a weekly basis. Shocking means overdosing the pool with chlorine to kill harmful microorganisms. This is even more important when you close the pool during winter seasons.

Check all equipment used in the pool. The filter and pump should be monitored make sure that it is should also be freed from debris. Doing this allows proper circulation of water in the pool. Hence, preventing accumulation of dirt in the water that could result to alteration of chemical levels.

Doing these things on a regular basis, keeps your pool well maintained. Hence, it keeps it in the best condition not only for swimming but also for show.

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