Estimating Fiberglass Pool Prices

by Pool Builders on 12-15-2010 in Articles

A fiberglass pool is huge investment which needs a lot of time for planning and budget preparation. However, after this process is maximum satisfaction for having your own fiberglass option with countless and priceless benefits. If you are wondering how much it will cost you to install one of these, this post will give you an idea on how to estimate fiberglass pool prices.

Fiberglass Shell
You can never have your fiberglass pool without the shell. This is the most essential component. The cost of the shell varies from one manufacturer to another and its size and shape also influences its price. Here is an average estimate for fiberglass shells:
• Small Fiberglass Shell - $10,000 to $17000
• Medium Fiberglass Shell - $13,000 to $18000
• Large Fiberglass Shell - $15000 to $25000

This will include excavation, fiberglass shell installation, installing the pump and filter system, back filling and filling the pool with water. Estimated cost for all of these things may have a price range of $20000 to $35000. Other expenses will include the pool coping, landscaping, fencing, and electrical systems but the pool accessories are excluded. Overall, the estimated total cost of a this structure could be anywhere from $35000 to $75000.

Pool Financing
If you think that you cannot afford this very expensive upfront cost of installation, pool manufacturers are now offering financing for their pool packages. You just have to visit their stores or search for them online. Another way you can finance your installation is by securing a home improvement loan from your bank. Swimming pool loans are also available from some financial institutions so you might want to do check them out as well. This way you can have your fiberglass pool installed while allowing you to pay more affordable monthly payments.

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