Everything You Need To Know About Installing an ADA Compliant Pool Lift

by Pool Builders on 05-04-2013 in Articles

If you are the owner or operator of a company that is involved in the hospitality industry, such as a small hotel or guest house or other similar leisure facility and you wish to provide facilities for your guests who enjoy swimming, then you need to consider access for disabled people. Getting into and out of a swimming pool is something that most able bodied people often take for granted, however, for those people who are disabled, or who have mobility problems, getting into or out of a swimming pool can be quite daunting.

What You Need To Consider

Installing a swimming lift is the solution to the accessibility problems that disabled people often face when they want to enter or exit a swimming pool. One of the first things you need to consider is the problem of whether you should buy a portable one, or a permanent one. If you are concerned that children might play on the pool lift, then you need to take a scenario such as that, into consideration when the time comes to choose your pool lift. Finding an ADA compliant pool Lift Company is something that would be beneficial as you will be able to ask them their advice on the subject.

Buying The Right Lift

When the time comes to purchase the ADA complaint one for the use of handicapped patrons, there are a number of different manufacturers and suppliers of pool lifts who would appreciate your custom. Once you have purchased your ADA compliant pool lift, you may be pleasantly surprised by how little time it actually takes to install it. However, once installed it will allow those people who are handicapped or experiencing mobility problems, to enter or exit the swimming pool with ease.

Swimming And Its Benefit to The Handicapped

In an aquatic environment a handicapped person can still feel independent and there are a number of physical benefits that can be seen as a result of swimming, and these include such things as, increased metabolism and heart function but also it is a low impact activity that does not put any undue stress on the joints.

A recently introduced regulation stated that if you have a pool for commercial use, you have to have some form of access for disabled users, whether it is a pool lift or a sloped entry point. So it is important for you as a business owner to make sure that you are up to date and compliant with the latest regulations.

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