Examining a Swimming Pool as an Investment  

by Pool Builders on 04-16-2008 in Articles

With property and home values not doing their expansion trick that they have done so well in past years, one has to give more thought to what you are adding to their home with regards to investment return. Sure a home with a nice built in pool costs more to buy but did the pool in fact prove to be a profit making improvement for the homeowner that had it installed?

The fact of the matter, is that having a built in pool installed in your backyard is a costly undertaking and in the end the money that you spend on it will not reflect entirely on the overall value of the home. In fact, from an investment point of view, it is just not a good idea because you are going to lose money on the deal.

This is precisely why more and more people are choosing to have an above ground pool installed in their backyards and there are still more reasons yet. For instance, the price on a an above ground pool is going to be a fraction of the price on a built in pool and an above ground pool can take as little as a day to set up and fill.

Still one more reason that people are choosing above ground pools is that they can be semi-submerged to include a deep end as well. In fact, once a semi-submerged above ground pool is finished with a wrap around deck it looks and functions just like a far more expensive built in pool.

For a new home that you plan on reselling in a few years, an above ground pool is the perfect addition to the backyard. With one simple phone call you can have your yard turned into an entertainment mecca for you, your family and friends and when you move you can have it dismantled and taken with you to your new home.

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