Excessive Moisture Prevent Home Comfort? Dehumidifier Will Help You.  

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Dry air causes a vast of trouble, however, excess water is fraught with even more problems.Over the course of time in rooms with relative humidity above 65% the corrosion of metal products begins; mold and stains appear on walls and ceiling; concrete and masonry crack; humidity in the room exceeds the norm for human comfort. Buying of such a device as a dehumidifier will help you to avoid these troubles, as well as to create an optimal microclimate at home or in office, at factory or in warehouse.

Dehumidifiers are devices intended to reduce the humidity in the interior of the building. The operating principle of dehumidifiers is based on moisture condensation on air coming in contact with cold surfaces. In the first place dehumidifiers are irreplaceable in areas where high humidity is inevitable - these are bath-houses, showers, laundries, swimming pools and other facilities of this type. Dehumidifier may be also useful in carrying out finishing work, such as hanging wallpaper, painting walls, etc. They maintain a constant air moisture level in accommodation of any type, providing an optimal microclimate. We offer to use dehumidifiers of condensing type. This method of dehumidification is based on the principle of condensing water vapor contained in air.

Depending on the type of premises they are used in, dehumidifiers are divided into domestic and commercial:

Domestic dehumidifiers are compact and portable. They are designed to maintain normal humidity level in the apartment or in office. This equipment is recommended to be installed in homes located in humid areas (lowlands, canyons), near surface water bodies. But, still in everyday life we have to deal with dry air more often, so domestic models are not so widely popular, and commercial dehumidifiers prevail on the market. Domestic dehumidifier performance is 12-20 l / day.

Commercial dehumidifier is a device for dehumidification of large areas. Commercial dehumidifiers, used for drying the walls, ceiling and floors of warehouse and industrial premises, on constructional projects - in wood-working and food industries, as well as in pharmaceutical industry, are characterized by high reliability and workability, together with ability to operate at subzero temperatures under forced service conditions. Devices used in swimming pools belong to semi-commercial dehumidifiers. This type of dehumidifier occupies a fairly large segment of climate equipment market. The performance of a semi-commercial dehumidifier is up to 300 l/ day. By their mounting type dehumidifiers are divided into fixed and mobile, and due to their placing they can be wall and floor.

Fixed dehumidifiers are characterized by high power and are used in rooms with high humidity. Mobile dehumidifiers have castors, so you can easily move them within the room. This type of dehumidifier is suitable for carrying out internal remedial and finishing works, and for eliminating the consequences of water pipes leakages.

The main technical parameter of dehumidifier is its performance, which determines the amount of eliminated water in a unite time at a certain temperature and humidity. The performance is measured in «liters per day»: for domestic dehumidifiers it is 12-20 liters per day, for semi-commercial models it's from 20 to 300 liters per day. A built-in hydrostat allows dehumidifier maintain a set humidity automatically.

The most popular domestic dehumidifiers are Frigidaire, Santa Fe, Ebac. If Mitsubishi Electric belongs to expensive and prestigious type of domestic dehumidifiers, the Ebac dehumidifier is economy class segment. Domestic mobile dehumidifiers are also manufactured by DANBY. These dehumidifiers are compact, lightweight and aesthetic; they are used in amenity rooms, bathrooms, dryers, etc. Mobile dehumidifiers are widely delivered by GE: these are powerful professional dehumidifiers, relatively inexpensive, mobile semipro devices for interior finishing works.

Dehumidifiers for swimming pools of wall or floor type can be supplied in various modifications: directly in the room, in adjoining room, with additional air heating by hot water from the heating system and other modifications. Dehumidifiers are used in modern Water centers and day Spas with swimming pools, various bath-houses and showers, as they are designed specifically for such objects. Dehumidifiers are also often installed in repair shops, garages and service stations for maintaining the required humidity. In addition, air conditioners with a function of dehumidification can perform the dehumidification, both domestic and commercial ones. With the help of dehumidifying units built in the air ducts, the air may be dehumidified directly by the ventilation system.

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