Exciting Water Games in summer  

by Pool Builders on 04-23-2012 in Articles

Summer is coming. Do you miss the cool water in the swimming pool? Swimming maybe an healthy activities, but something we will think boring just floating here and there alone. How to have an exciting summer in the cool water? Inflatable water slide interactive games may delight you.

Do you remember that how fun we play slide in the park when we were little kids. We can not go back to the pass and play the little slides again. However, we can play the giant inflatable water slide interactive games instead. It is more exciting than the simple slides.

The product, which name is inflatable slide interactive games, can meet your demands. It is 25 meters length, 6 meters wide and 0.65 meters height. Its edges adopted the bright yellow, which is easy to catch people's eyeballs and rendering the atmosphere of joy.

The gradient can adjust according to the height of the diving platform. The higher the diving platform, the gradient is steeper. As the gradient increase, it the stimulation will increase, too. At the top of the inflatable waterslide, there are several D-rings. They are use to fixed with the diving platform, so that the inflatable waterslide won't falling down during the players are sliding. We do reinforce the sewing of the D-rings. Four sewing line will share the tension of the bouncer. This made the D-ring last much longer and stronger. It can make sure the safety during the slither.
The inflatable waterslide has two lines. It can afford two players to slide on it. The two sliding lines is divided by a big inflatable post. When sliding, two players are sliding on their own line. The player s won't cross into the other line by accident.

The water slide is attached with an inflatable bed and a surrounding guardrail. It acts as a cushion in case the players are falling too fast and protect them from hurting. The inflatable bed can increase the safety index for the Inflatable slide interactive games. And we do good reinforce strip at the connecting points, especially at the top and the bottom. So no matter how big the force of charge from the players, the inflatable slide won't be separate.
The inflatable waterslide is made of 0.9mm PLATO PVC tarpaulin. It is of high tear strength which makes sure the inflatable waterslides can use durable. It is also of fade proof and excellent UV-resistance and cold weather resistance. It can be used at the outdoor swimming pool in every kinds of weather.

Can't wait to have an exciting inflatable water slide interactive game right now? Come and have a look to this product, and you may like it.

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