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by Pool Builders on 08-28-2014 in Articles

There's nothing more enjoyable than a dip in the pool during the hot summer months. Pools are fun for people of all ages, especially kids. There are so many opportunities to create fun poolside gadgets and toys. Listed below are some creative ideas that would be a blast, though some still need to be invented. Stay out of the sun with a retractable shade cover, temporarily dye your water, create a fun obstacle course, or hold races with these conceptual pool supplies.

Chlorine and Water Soluble Color Dyes

What could be more fun than painting in the water? A product that produces chlorine and water-soluble dyes could temporarily change the color of your water to red, purple, or a kaleidoscope of bright colors. The contents of this product would not interfere with the chemical levels of the pool or leave any residue in the drain. Small plastic tubes containing different pigments could dissolve and leave streaks in the water. The colors would dissipate shortly after.

Sun Screen Retractable Cover

Some days, you may just want to escape the intense rays of the sun. A canopy cover, with its own supports and stands could hang over one half of the pool. A modular canopy would serve as a shady refuge for any swimmer. Collapsible and moveable, the canopy screen could be used for poolside lounge chairs or casual backyard gatherings.

Attachable Swim Through Rings

All children love to dive down and retrieve items from the floor of the pool. It isn't hard to imagine they'd enjoy an underwater obstacle course. Rings of varying sizes and heights could be attached to the bottom. The course would provide endless entertainment for children and give them excellent exercise. Set up timed races between children or adults to see who will claim a prize for the fastest time!

Alligator Polaris and Swimming Fish pH Reader

Turn your swimming hole into a personal ocean or lake. By transforming your Polaris into an alligator with a swishing tail or turning a pH reader into a motorized fish, your backyard oasis will become its own unique ecosystem. Putting traditional pool supplies into fun and exciting covers is a great way to add fun and flavor to any swimming hole.

Your Own Personal Mosaic (Invented and doable)

Adding tile deigns to the walls or floor is an amazingly creative way to make your swim area one of a kind. A school of brightly colored fish swimming along the floor will spark conversation and encourage people to jump in. Seaweed flowing up the side of your steps is also an appealing option.

There are plenty of ways to make your outdoor area fun and unique. Having a pool is an amazing asset and pool supplies should be innovative and enhance your outdoor space as much as possible.

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