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by Pool Builders on 09-06-2011 in Articles

"Having a pool is great. You get to have fun and you can cool off whenever you want to without having to go far. Clean, clear gleaming water is the main part of any healthy swimming pool. If the water in your pool isn't clean and clear, it's sure that you are on the risk of disease. In fact there is every likelihood that there will be some sort of bacteria thriving in the water.
Swimming in a chlorinated pool may increase your risk of developing cancer; suggest a new suite of studies, which identified more than 100 chemical byproducts in pools that use chlorine as a sterilizer. Chlorine is really good at killing microorganisms in swimming pools. Over the years, though, scientists have become concerned about its possible health effects. In water, chlorine reacts with sweat, urine, skin cells and other organic materials to produce all sorts of chemical byproducts. In animal studies, some of those chemicals have been related with asthma and bladder cancer. One of the most common and obvious problems is blonde hair is known to turn green because of the exposure to copper (pipes) and chlorine. Skin problems can also occur in swimmers. Contaminants in water directly affect the skin. Although long term exposure to chlorine may cause cancer and other ailments, problems to skin and hair. Irritation can occur on the skin and scalp, and also there is a chance for eye diseases.
In our busy life finding time for pool cleaning is not an easy task. Most people believe maintaining pool is cleaning the debris and the water. However, in real term maintaining a swimming pool is a big task as you have to clean the debris, water, clean the filter, pool pump, etc. similarly, it is important to service all the parts and machines in the pool from time to time. You may get the best machines and tools to repair and maintain the pool, even though it is important to hire professional team to service and maintain the pool in their professional method. This is very important as the machines and tools of the pool need to be serviced by experienced and professional people. Thus a professional pool cleaning service becomes important. Professional service teams would also clean the tiles and each corner in the pool. If the pool is cleaned regularly, it will last long for usage. You can also use the water in the pool without the fear of any side effects from the water. The water in the swimming pool has to be changed frequently to make sure it is safe for the body. The people who provides pool cleaning services and pool cleaning business knows the chemical levels of water and to ensure it is safe for swimming and also helps you to maintain the hygienic level of the pool.

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