Exercise Pools The Benefits Of Riverpools  

by Pool Builders on 05-15-2011 in Articles

When it comes to staying healthy and in good shape there are few activities that are as enjoyable as they are good for you as swimming. Swimming exercises virtually every muscle in the body and is also an excellent cardiovascular workout. Swimming is also low impact meaning that there is no jarring to the joints when compared to jogging or even walking. The effectiveness of swimming has made exercise pools a coveted item for many fitness enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the high cost of installing an Olympic sized lap pool means that this is out of reach for most people. If you are interested in the benefits of swimming but are lacking in either budget or space you may want to consider a riverpool.

A riverpool is unique among exercise pools because they are incredibly affordable and do not take up much space at all. You may be unfamiliar with them but they are beginning to catch on in a big way throughout the country. These pools are often referred to as swimming treadmills because they allow a person to basically swim in place. They come in a variety of lengths ranging from 15 feet to 18 feet for the average homeowner. There are some resorts, however, that have these types of pools that are in excess of 150 feet.

A riverpool operates by using powerful pumps to cause the water to flow from one end to the other. How fast the water flows will depend on how much of a workout you want to receive. These types of exercise pools generally use a 5 hp turbine system to move the water allowing you to swim as fast or as casually as you like for as long as you wish without ever reaching the end of the pool. Swimming against the current also increases the effectiveness of the workout meaning that these types of pools can help a person burn off excess weight much more efficiently than a traditional swimming pool.

Aside from the health benefits of a riverpool, the water flow can be turned off, instantly converting it into a relaxing place to sit with friends. The best thing about these compact exercise pools is that they can fit into virtually any person's backyard or even in a sunroom. Having a place indoors to install a pool turns it into a year-round exercise location. They are also incredibly easy to install and unbelievably affordable when compared to traditional in-ground backyard swimming pools.

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