Exercise Pools and Swim Pools Finding What Meets Your Needs  

by Pool Builders on 09-05-2011 in Articles

It has been a long-established fact that swimming is a great way to promote fitness. Swimmers today have a variety of choices when it comes to how they meet their needs. Two of their main options are exercise pools and swim pools. Both pools offer benefits, but it is important for a swimmer to figure out which type of pool would best suit their needs. A person who wants to swim for exercise would have different needs than someone who wants to swim for recreation. For that reason, it is essential to look at what each type of pool has to offer.

Most notably, exercise pools have a current that pushes water toward the swimmer. This allows them to swim in one place and still have the same experience of someone who swims laps. The current also provides greater resistance, making it possible to tone muscles faster and become a stronger swimmer. Swim pools do not have this current, but still allow for a good workout. Swimmers can still swim laps the traditional way in these pools. They can still work their muscles and get stronger; they will just have less resistance without the current. Also, due to the lower resistance, swimmers in traditional pools may not see results as fast.

People who wish to swim for fun rather than for exercise or sport may prefer swim pools. These pools can be large with a slanted floor, allowing users to wade in the shallow end or dive into the deep end. Exercise pools can have underwater treadmills or spin bikes, and this equipment could hinder waders or divers. However, the equipment that may be present in an exercise pool would give athletes an even more complete workout, and could also help fitness gurus burn more calories than doing the same exercises on land would.

So, what if you want the benefits of both types of pools in one? Good news--it is possible to combine exercise pools and swim pools! Wall-mounted exercise systems can be used in a swim pool to give it the added benefits of an exercise pool. These systems jet propel the water in the pool, making it possible for swimmers to get added resistance and a greater calorie burn. The wall-mounted systems are also less costly than a pool with all the exercise equipment would be, which makes a serious swimming workout more feasible for people with a lower income.

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