Exercises for Effective Weight Loss: Swimming and Kickboxing  

by Pool Builders on 10-31-2012 in Articles

Because our bodies burn calories even while we asleep, the actual concern is really on how fast it burns calories. The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) determines how well our bodies use up the food we eat and tells us how many calories we need in order to perform our daily activities.

The weight problems start when we consume more than what our body needs, based on our BMR. Hence, the most practical solution is to engage in activities that consume more calories compared to what our bodies are taking. Proper diet is an excellent way to achieve this and exercise is another great solution. The best exercise for weight loss therefore, is any activity that contributes to fat burning at a quicker pace.

There are mainly two types of exercises that meet this requirement - resistance training and aerobic exercise. However, you have to add some variety to your routine otherwise you will easily get bored and abandon it. There are now a lot of sports and recreational activities that can facilitate the same benefits from aerobics and resistance training.

Here are the best exercises that are highly effective for weight loss and will also give you an enjoyable time so much so that you would not even think of it as exercise.


It is one of the easiest water workouts you can get into, with no impacts on the joints providing you with natural resistance and fun.


Stretch your muscles before swimming.
Hold the edge of the pool for balance and lift one foot behind your body and point it to the sky, while bending the knee and firmly putting the other foot on the pool floor.
Hold it for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat three times.
To tone and strengthen your muscles, perform strategic movements by repeatedly targeting particular muscle groups. There is a reduced risk of injury for water-toning exercises so you can do extensive workouts in the pool.
To elevate your heart rate, you can get your body moving through cardio exercises such as step aerobics and pool boxing. It is easier to get your heart pumping while in the water because it has natural resistance that makes you work harder compared to movements done on land.


It is a combination of aerobics, martial arts and boxing that allows you to burn up to 450 calories an hour.


Again, stretching is very important before starting any exercise, so do a simple 5-10 minute stretch in the ring. It is better to complete a full body stretch since kickboxing is a very physical sport.
Focus more on your stance especially if you are a beginner rather than the actual kick.
Find the proper balance of your energy and power because you are not really going to hurt your opponent; you just need a physical release from your strength and flexibility.
Work on speed and accuracy while practicing punching moves and be an expert at having a good defense stance.
Position your chin behind your shoulder so that your opponent will find it hard to find an opening for a counter punch.
Always be in a protective position before throwing a punch.

Feel your heart rate pumping hard as your endurance, flexibility and cardio strength are put to the test.

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