Exercising in the Pool For the Country Club Enthusiast - Lap Swimming and Water Aerobics Explained

by Pool Builders on 10-29-2008 in Articles

Exercising in a pool is an excellent way to get a great workout without pushing your body to painful extremes. The secret of an underwater workout lies in the fact that a body in the water is free from the painful effects that a hard, unforgiving surface can have on joints and tendons. While in the water, your body is lifted upwards and given a natural source of resistance- you need not finagle yourself into an exercise apparatus that appears more medieval than beneficial and requires the expertise and knowledge ability of flying an airplane, on the contrary, a workout routine in a pool can be as simple as a walking underwater or as involved as a set of sprints and endurance tests through the water.

However you choose to approach your workout routine, a pool is an excellent choice because it provides resistance in a fun environment without the dangers of heavy weights or the pain and stress of overworking your joints on an unforgiving surface. Consider these two pool-side exercise routines at your country club for your next exercise session.

Lap swimming is a superb way to tone your entire body and get a cardiovascular workout without overstressing your joints and tendons. Because swimming works your whole body-from your shoulders through your abs and down to your toes, you will be toning your muscles evenly and will be conditioning yourself for that oft mentioned "swimmer's physique" that is prized by so many in the fitness world. Lap swimming is as simple a concept as running laps in a gymnasium or on a football field, but with the added obstacle of the 'flip-turn' at each end which requires the swimmer to stay conscious of their surroundings and be cognizant of their place in the water.

Of course, there is no required speed that one needs to swim at, just as there is no goal that all swimmers need to take into the pool. If you are looking to burn fat, you should keep your workout on the light side and focus on swimming longer distances for longer periods of time. While if you are trying to tone your muscle you should intersperse more sprints into your routine for short bursts of extended energy. Whichever way you choose, you should be conscious of the fact that in a community center or country club, the use of a pool is a communal event and that you may need to cycle out of the lanes after a period of time. For most country clubs, an hour is an acceptable block of time to swim in a single lane.

A relatively new field in exercise culture, water aerobics combines the light-stress nature of swimming with the fun and ease of a walk in the park. Water aerobics can range from 'jogging' laps across the pool (with your head in the air) to performing martial arts routines such as boxing or karate underwater, to simply holding onto the edge of the pool and practicing a flutter kick for an extended period of time. Like lap swimming, water aerobics are excellent to tone the entire body and can be used for both fat burning and muscle formation.

A good swimming routine can be used in concert with other exercises such as weight-lifting or jogging. Try to keep your exercise days in the water interesting by mixing in some combination of both water aerobics and lap swimming, and keep your body well rounded by running a few laps around the track or doing a few routines in the weight room before or after your workout in the pool.

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