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by Pool Builders on 12-14-2010 in Articles

What is it that can add real value to your real estate? Above everything else, it is a swimming pool that is a wonderful asset to houses. They are the perfect means to beat the burning summer heat. Everyone simply loves to plunge into the not so warm water and relax away! For swimming lovers, enjoying the pleasures of a pool in the backyard is not implausible. Many sorts of pools are available to go with diverse requirements.

Pools that are made above ground level, those below ground level, plus the portable variety, are accessible in the marketplace. Depending on the capitol, room availability, time and ease, one can pick the form of pool to be installed.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

This category constitutes pools that are maintained above ground level. It happens to be the most inexpensive alternative amid the other swimming pools. They appear in three main shapes: rectangular, round and egg-shaped. When one does not want to dig up the garden and establish an in-ground pool, they are quite helpful. Additionally, above-ground pools are less expensive than in-ground ones, and even take up lesser time to install.

The majority of the above ground pools can be made with the aid of pre-fabricated kits. Consequently, any layperson can also get the pool installed without even hiring a service provider.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

In-ground pools are not just famous, but also, it fits the costly category. Those who are not rigid on budgets and available space go for these pools. As the name foretells, these pools are made into the earth, just above ground level. The advantage of choosing this kind of pool is that the dimension of the pool can be infinite. One can decide the length, height and width of the pool according to the size of the yard. This choice is not there in other types. One tiny little problem is that the maintenance costs for this kind are more than for the other swimming pools. In this category, there are four more divisions:

Vinyl-Lined In-Ground Pools are quite frequently used form of in-ground pools. In this category, soil is trenched, a casing is made for the pool, and sand is dumped at the base. Metal, wood or possibly plastic walls are made, which are subsequently creased with a vinyl liner.

Fiberglass Pools have lower maintenance costs, as opposed to the vinyl form. They are established only by trained pool installers, who bring along the fiberglass pool shell.

Poured Concrete Swimming Pool involves the draining of solid into wooden frames in order to complete its construction. This allows clients to pick their pool frames, which is why they were famous as the ideal form of in-ground pools known to date. Nonetheless, the fitting of this variety is extremely complicated and lengthy.

Portable Swimming Pools

There are inexpensive or economical swimming pools which can be moved from one area to another. These are also recognized as 'baby or kiddie pools' and, as revealed by its name; it can be packed, drained and moved to any place in the garden as per your wish. They are also great for your dog to cool off during the summer months.

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