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Located at the scenic bank of East Lake of Wuchang, the famous villa of Chairman Mao Zedong in Wuhan is consisted of Meiling Buildings One, Two and Three. Actually, it was once a retreat house for Chairman Mao and other privileged ruling members of the Politburo. During the period of Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao nicknamed it 'Home of the White Clouds and Yellow Cranes' in a letter. In fact, he enjoyed the quiet atmosphre and great relief it provided. The most attractive scenery of tree-lined footpath, dense grove, flying songbirds, and his favourite pines, bamboo trees and plums seen everywhere can undoubtedly, make you eager to stay forever.

Besides Zhongnanhai, it is Meiling, Mao's summer villa, where he lived for a long time and often visited many times. He came here ranking from once a year up to three times a year. At the most, he stayed here for one month to as long as six months. We can feel his love for this villa.

It is no doubt that Meiling Building attracts visitors because it was Chairman Mao's private residence where he ate, slept, wrote and conducted numerous daily national affairs. It was also the place to hold meetings to many celebrities and foreign friends, including President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger of the United States of America in 1972. It played an important role in China history. Additional, it was also the location where he wrote the famous poem Swim that won universal praises. It was consisted of a bedroom, a sitting room, a reception room and a formal dining room. Just as you look in the pictures, the dining room is accentuated by a peaceful scenic painting of trees with dark gray foliage, soft rose colored flowers and a gentle orange sun, with its suspicious mix of plum carpeting, red tablecloth and emerald green crushed velvet armchairs. All of these make you feel relaxed yourself.

As well with room, the chair is also covered with grey. It is still here where the great leader sat, which is rather faded and frayed now. The chair and lamps are still in the same semi-circular position as they were 27 years ago to exhibit the true life of Chairman Mao. The bedroom was so simple and crude that it is just furnished with plain fifties furniture with a pink and white patterned chaise. Next to the large-sized bed hangs his blue and white striped king size bathrobe. Even the slippers of him and his wife, Jiang Qing are still remained, which reflects the originally life of Chairman Mao.

As for the Meiling Building Two, it is the assembly hall, which has a huge lobby cloaked in heavily worn curtains. The hall has numerous of red upholstered chairs facing the stage, which is cordoned off while the lobby is open to the public. You can see a wicker chair placed in a certain position as was placed in the past, with a framed photograph hanging next to it on the balcony. You are allowed to sit on the chair and take photos of themselves as souvenirs, which attracts many people.

Here is a private indoor swimming pool in Meiling Building Three houses. It is about 30-meter long and six lanes wide, the same as most competition-sized pools. It is lined with tiles with stainless steel ladders, and underwater lights. It has nine floor-to-ceiling tinted windows, which Mao could see through during his daily swims. Owing to this good sport, he lived in a healthy life.

As early as 1993, Meiling was open to the public, and has received numerous travelers, both local tourists and foreigners. The best time to visit is now and you can recall Chairman Mao's experiences of his late years and get glimpses of the great leader's historical and colorful life. If you are fond of Chairman Mao, it is an ideal place.

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