Exploring Your Options With Tan Through Swim Wear

by Pool Builders on 02-05-2010 in Articles

Have you heard about tan through swim wear? This revolutionary new material is getting a lot of attention lately.

Think about it - it's not easy to get a tan without tan lines in public. Unless you don't care if people see you naked, or risk arrest, then you generally have to go to a tanning salon to get that flawless tan.

There is a practical solution, however, in tan through swim wear.

How the suit works is it contains a lot of tiny holes so the sun can access the skin. It isn't very complicated, but the trick is to make sure that the suit doesn't become see through instead of sun through. These holes exist in a high tech weaved material. This is why they come in bold, high contrast prints, so that they take away from the possibility of anyone being able to see through the pores of the material.

The material is also anti-bacterial and works whether wet or dry. In fact, it's important to move around in the suit because it means that the pores expose more skin, and the tan you get is more even. A lot of people have been known not only to wear it to the beach or pool, but around the yard while gardening or doing other yard work.

Another benefit of tan through swim wear is that the design helps to reduce exposure to ultra-violet rays. While this is true, the index is only about 6 SPF. So this means it is still important to watch how much time you spend in the sun and what time of day you choose to sun bathe in. This suit does not protect you from the risks of skin cancer.

These suits are also a favorite of athletes such as divers and volleyball players. The material is very light weight and dries very quickly. In fact, companies are starting to design other sportswear using the same technology because there is such a demand. Men and women can now not only get tan through swim wear, but also tan through sports shirts.

Tan through swim wear has been around for over a decade and is a wonder in terms of helping get rid of those unsightly tan lines. It is not a miracle however. You can still over do it and burn, so it's important to take care, still wear lotion to protect against ultra-violet rays and watch so that you don't expose yourself too long.

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