Extend Pool Fun With a Swimming Pool Solar Heater

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2010 in Articles

You can extend fun and enjoyment even before summer and a few more weeks into fall. With the right choice of heating system for your pool, you can keep pool water warm and comfortable even further than the warm season without going heavy on the family budget.

Certain considerations come into play when choosing a specific t type of pool heater. You can choose from different types of gas-fired heaters, heat pumps and solar-powered pool heaters. As more and more people are going green and geared towards consciousness of the environment, we begin to think about how much and what type of energy we should use.

Among the three types of pool heaters, solar powered heaters are considered environment friendly and cost efficient. A gas heater can further contribute to air pollution as it emits pollutants into the air. Operating an electric heat pump generates more carbon footprints that we do not want in our environment. A pool solar heater utilizes renewable energy from sunlight. Among these heaters, installation cost of a swimming pool solar heater may be the most costly but operation and maintenance cost is almost zero. This makes a pool solar heater the eco-friendly and economical choice for the long term.

The solar heating system itself does not use any other energy aside from free energy coming from the sun. A swimming pool solar heater relies on an already installed filter pump of the pool system to push water into its solar collectors. For swimming pool solar heater applications, solar collectors are more commonly known as solar panels. These solar panels have collected and stored heat that is transferred to pool water as it flows back to the pool.

Solar Panels are usually installed on house rooftops since required areas can consume considerable space. The size of a solar panel is directly proportional to the size of the pool. At the least, a solar panel should be half the size of your pool. In case solar panels cannot be installed on roof tops, any other location near the pool plumbing system and has maximum exposure to sun light would be suitable.

At some point, you will reach the desired water temperature and will need to shut off your swimming pool solar heater or control your pool water temperature. You can use either a manual diverter or an automatic device called solar control. A manual diverter allows users to turn the swimming pool solar heater on or off at any time. An automatic control works just like a thermostat for your home air-conditioner or reach-in refrigerator. By simply setting your desired temperature, the thermostat maintains water temperature of your pool without worries. It allows water to flow through the solar heating system when needed and shuts the valve automatically once desired temperature is reached.

To further help your swimming pool solar heater, a pool cover is useful in retaining heat of your pool water. Although a swimming pool solar heater will not cost too much on your utility bills, it may take some time to heat pool water. Certain heat losses occur during evaporation and night time. To further prolong the life span of your swimming pool solar heater, proper maintenance and care will do some help.

A swimming pool solar heater is an economical and environment friendly option to heat your pool. It may cost you more initially, but the value it provides to you and you family pays off for the long term.

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