Extend Swimming Season With Commercial Solar Pool Heating Systems  

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2014 in Articles

Commercial solar pool heating systems serve perfectly in order to extend the swimming season. It is great for the ones who love swimming to a large extent. There are several kinds of pool heating systems available but it is only worth investing on the one with top notch quality. It can extend the swimming season for about three to four months. Although there are gas and electric power pool heaters available but due to their high running cost they are not worth investing on. Solar power pool heating systems are the best to invest.

Such solar systems have gained much popularity in the recent years due to their low running costs and more reliability and durability. The system comprises of a range of crucial components such as flow control valve, debris removal filter, solar power collector to heat the water in the pool and a circulating pump. With a traditional solar system for pool, the water is initially passed through filter to remove any debris or dirt followed by which it goes through solar collectors where it is heated and reaches back to the pool.

There is also a sensor that detects the temperature of the water and starts regulating it when the temperature fluctuates from that particular degree Celsius. It let the swimmers enjoy the pool comfortably. These equipments are also available in a variety of configurations so as to match the requirements of every kind of a pool. There is also an unglazed heating unit that can be adequate enough to heat the pools during the times when the temperature reaches beyond freezing. Resilient pool heating systems work best for the one who wish to use these equipments throughout the year.
Every commercial or a private pool owner must be knowledgeable about the benefits of these solar equipments. They are totally environment friendly and pollution free because the energy used to run them comes directly from sun rays and there is no role of day to day energy. In addition, their running cost is also very low as compared to other pool heating systems. These equipments offer very effective and really simple pool heating solutions and are very easy, cost effective as well as safe to use.

If you want to get the best output of these commercial solar pool heating systems, it is always recommended to get elite quality products and get them installed only through highly experienced and technically knowledgeable professionals.

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